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About Our Established Asphalt Paving Company

Asphalt Help of Columbus, Ohio, is a small family-owned business that provides high-quality, affordable asphalt paving services for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects throughout Licking, Franklin, Fairfield, Perry, Muskingum, Delaware, and surrounding counties. Contact us first to rejuvenate your driveways, parking lots, private roads, community drives, golf cart/bike paths, school play areas, gas station surfaces, trailer parks, basketball courts, and more. As an experienced family-owned company, we are the ones to call first for your asphalt and asphalt paving needs.

Whether you have a uniquely shaped driveway or need your basketball court repaved, we’ve got you covered. With over thirty years of experience in the asphalt paving business, it’s hard to imagine anything that our talented crew hasn’t seen before. One of the greatest enemies to a proper pathway is the cracks and grooves that can impact foot traffic. When your asphalt demonstrates a lack of integrity, it’s time to call Asphalt Help for the assistance you need. Once you give us a call, we will set up an appointment right away.

When our team arrives at your doorstep, you can rest assured that we will get started on your pavement repair as quickly as possible. We provide many repair services, including asphalt repair, patching, crack fill, pothole repair, stripping, blacktop repair, and asphalt paving. Given our vast array of services, it’s easy to imagine that you are in good hands with Asphalt Help. It’s our job to do the hard work so that you can rest easy. Once we are finished with all of your necessary asphalt paving and repairs, you won’t need to call us again for a long while. We guarantee that you’ll be happy with our asphalt paving services because we take pride in upholding high-quality standards at every turn.

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