Asphalt Paving Trends in Columbus, Ohio

By the year 2027, the global asphalt market is expected to reach 321.5 million. With this much growth and changes in the industry, there are sure to be advancements and new trends in the industry.

From asphalt cleaning to smart paving technology, and more, the industry can expect to grow and advance over the next several years. 

If you’re in the industry, you might wonder what trends you can expect to see. Read on to learn more.

Labor Shortage

Most contractors continue to face a real struggle with finding quality workers who are willing to show up and work hard. 

As the asphalt industry advances, you’ll want workers with skills and an understanding of the work. Like most contractors, you’ll likely continue to struggle to find them. 

Many in the industry will have to use temporary workers to fill slots and keep crews out working.

Diversify Services

Growth in any industry often involves change. One change likely to occur in the paving industry is the diversification of services. 

This means, instead of only offering paving, companies will continue to grow into related services or even new areas. For example, an asphalt paving company might offer asphalt cleaning.

Look for asphalt pavers to find ways to keep crews busy and grow their business with diversification.

Economic Factors

Like many industries, asphalt manufacturing and paving will also continue to be impacted by economic factors. 

These economic factors include things like the aforementioned workforce and supply chain issues. More on that shortly. 

It will also directly feel the impact of inflation on its costs and expenses.  


You might be surprised to learn the huge impact drones could have on the paving industry in the future. 

Drones aren’t just for backyard play and sports coverage. Now, they’re having an impact on a host of construction industries. 

Asphalt pavers could use drones for big jobs to see the project’s scope and for planning purposes. 

Planning and implementing a huge paving project could greatly benefit from what a drone can see all at once that humans can’t.

Asphalt pavers will also see the impact of technology on their industry. Technology will impact everything from the equipment to how a paving job is calculated and implemented. 

Look for new paving equipment that embeds smart materials into the paving material, which helps the pavers identify cracks and faults in the paving job.

Supply Chain Services

Over the last year, many industries have felt the severe consequences of supply chain issues. Coming out of the pandemic and moving the supply chain has been a slow and arduous process. 

The asphalt production industry hasn’t been excluded from the hardships of supply chain issues. Whether it’s equipment or technology, paving will continue to feel some impact from supply chain problems. 

Asphalt Cleaning and More 

Whether your business is looking to grow into asphalt cleaning or is ready to try out a new technology, asphalt paving has several trends that will likely be around in the future. 

If you’re looking for asphalt services or paving, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of services to keep your driveways and parking lots looking great. 

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