The Difference Between Seal Coating And Asphalt Resurfacing

There are 2.6 million miles of paved roads in the United States, and over 94% have asphalt surfaces. It’s no wonder because asphalt offers an optimal surface for many applications.

Asphalt has several advantages, most notably a smooth, clean and durable surface. However, you may notice that over time wear and tear may begin to show.

One of the major perks of asphalt is the fact that you can repair and refurbish it instead of completely replacing it. In fact, there are two options when it comes to improving the asphalt in your driveway or parking lot, seal coating and resurfacing. 

Do you need an upgrade to your existing asphalt surface? Read to discover the difference between the two procedures and which one might be right for your asphalt job.

Asphalt Resurfacing

The process of resurfacing asphalt involves adding a brand new asphalt surface or overlay over the existing pavement. Resurfacing does require that the pavement’s foundation is sound. If it’s only the top layer that’s damaged, your paving service can recommend and complete a resurfacing job.

Asphalt resurfacing is the best solution when there are large areas showing damage that would require multiple repairs. The old pavement is cleaned, leveled, and then covered with a new, fresh layer of asphalt.

Resurfacing asphalt is a great option for extending the life and look of your surface and is more cost-effective than a total replacement but will give you the look of a brand new paving job.

Seal Coating

Unlike asphalt resurfacing, driveway seal coating or parking lot seal coating do not repair holes or cracks. The purpose of seal coating is to protect the asphalt from the weathering effects of UV rays, rain, and snow. It’s a durable coating that becomes a barrier to harsh elements.

Seal coating does the same as resurfacing, which is to extend the life of your surface and maintain its fresh look and smooth finish.

The process of seal coating involves applying a liquid layer over the paved surface. The initial coat should be applied after an asphalt area has fully cured. Then, it is recommended that you reapply new layers of seal coat every few years.

Seal coating is highly recommended for any asphalt job because of the beauty and protection it provides. You won’t regret taking that step toward preventative maintenance. It will save on repairs later in the life of your surface.

Asphalt Resurfacing vs. Seal Coat

Resurfacing and seal coating are different processes, but both offer new life to your existing asphalt surface. Either accomplishes a smooth, well-maintained look for your driveway or parking lot, and both provide extended life to your existing surface.

Do you have an existing asphalt surface that would benefit from resurfacing or seal coating? Contact us today to allow our knowledgeable and friendly team to answer any questions and assist you in upgrading your driveway or parking lot into a surface that will look great and is well-maintained.

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